Voice SMS – How to use it in your Mobile Marketing campaign


Voice SMS services as we all know are different from the conventional SMS services. A voice sms company like HSP can offer you huge advantages over your competitors who are not using Bulk Voice SMS services.
Voice SMS are nothing but pre-recorded short voice messages which can be sent to any mobile network or landline with the use of a software at one go. HSP is a leading voice sms service provider in Ahmedabad, specializing in Bulk Voice SMS services and is known to provide the best services to their customers at affordable costs.


Investing in services of a voice sms company can literally save you thousands on your marketing budget. Below are some of the spheres where Voice SMS does wonders to your business:

  • Election campaigns: One domain that has benefitted most out of bulk Voice SMS services are the political parties and election campaigners. With just a click of a button, you can target your voters with a customized and personal message for them. HSP voice sms company has special plans for you to handle such events, do contact us.
  • Utility Payment Reminders: Electricity/Telephone/Gas companies and banks can use Voice SMS to remind their customers of any pending payments. A personal reminder message reminding you about their payments makes sure they are not offended and builds good rapport with your customers.
  • Appointment Reminders: Any domain (like HealthCare, Car Dealers, Beauty and Personal Care) where appointments are an integral part, can take advantages of a voice sms service provider in Ahmedabad to make sure their customers are well-aware in advance to save you from any last moment hassles.


  • Fundraising campaigns: NGOs and other welfare associations can use this platform to raise funds without spending too much to reach people for support. A personal message for a noble cause can help you to express about your campaign to them in a more effective manner.
  • Business Promotions: Whether small or big – any business needs marketing to grow its customer base and what better tool than Bulk Voice SMS to achieve it! You can send out offer updates or any new product announcements in the language you choose to speak out to your customers. In this way, you can target regional customers also.
  • Educational Institutions: Schools and colleges can send out voice instructions to parents or students on sensitive matters via Bulk Voice SMS, as there are high chances of missing out on any critical updates set using traditional SMS.
  • Transaction Confirmation/Alerts: Banks and eCommerce websites can use this service for alerting and asking confirmation from their customers for any transaction they make. This can help to avoid fraudulent activities like mis-use of credit cards, which in-turn helps to build a trust factor with your clients.


Above are some of the important domains where Voice SMS can be used. In case you need more help with this and want to know more about this service, do contact HSP, one of the best voice sms service provider in Ahmedabad.