Using Bulk SMS in Healthcare Industry – an Unexplored Business Opportunity


Healthcare sector across the world is scaling new heights daily in terms of sales and the number of people getting quality services. In India only, we have many hospital groups, Specialty Clinics, Care-centers, Emergency Centers and Insurance companies, who are part of this as a service providing entity.
These Healthcare entities are part of a noble profession – which is to treat people. But very often it has been seen that they are not taking advantages of the mobile marketing, especially Bulk SMS, which is the cheapest and effective form of it.If you are a Doctor, a Medical Officer or an employee of any such entity rendering care to patients in Ahmedabad, you should give HSP a try, a provider company of Bulk SMS in Ahmedabad.
It is a known fact based on various researches done worldwide, that hospital groups, clinics and Insurance companies are losing millions of moneys just because patients scheduled an appointment and missed it or didn’t show up intentionally. This can be very harmful in terms of sales conversions for a healthcare group or a smaller clinic as well. This is where Bulk SMS comes to picture – how about scheduling and sending out SMS automatically to all the patients, before one day or before few hours? 
Most of the appointments are missed due to patients being forgetful and investing in a Bulk SMS service provider can do wonders for your business, which will helpto convert all the missed appointments into business opportunities successfully. Whether you are physiotherapist, psychiatrist, dentist or a chiropractor doing business in Ahmedabad, you can avail the services of a provider of Bulk SMS in Ahmedabad, like HSP and grow your business significantly using this mobile marketing tool.
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If we leave business aside for a moment, which is not the primary driving factor for any charitable organization very often, sending a simple SMS reminder message would leave a positive effect on your patients. It would show how compassionate and caring your organization is towards their health, and would surely keep you ahead of the competition, which at the end of the day would result in increased sales. Also sending Bulk SMS reminders and other important care instructions can be very important for terminally ill patients or for the ones who are suffering with potentially fatal diseases.
So, if you are part of a healthcare group, or Hospital/Clinic, and want to know more about howinvesting in the services of a company providing Bulk SMS in Ahmedabad can help your business, please do reach out to HSP and we would be happy to assist you.