Understanding Missed Call Alert Services – Things you should know


Lead generation is very important aspect of any marketing strategy and Missed call alert services can help greatly in client engagement and generating leads.If you have invested in a Voice SMS provider company or a Missed Call Alert Service in India or planning to invest – this article is for you tounderstand deeply about its concept. Read along.
What it is?
Missed call alerts are achieved through web applications, which helps you record client responses and their numbers when they call you. Callers are not charged for this call
How it works?
  1. Clients dial your virtual number which they found out embedded in any Ads/Promotions.
  2. Call gets through momentarily, and then disconnects. Client is not charged for the call.
  3. A central Database is maintained, where the callers’ information gets stored.
  4. Based on your requirement, an automated Call, Voice SMS or a simple text message can be sent as a response/acknowledgement for their call.
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When it is used?
Providers selling Missed Call Alert Service in India might give you thousands of reasons to opt for this service, but it can broadly be used for below scenarios:
  • For doing Client Verifications. Useful when you are registering a new client and want to send back an OTP as a response or send another SMS or Voice SMS.
  • For collecting Feedback and Survey responses. Useful when you want to collect feedback for your services. This is the best use of this marketing medium, as you can roll out surveys for the services you offer and get client responses immediately.
  • For implementing Opt-In, Opt-Out requests. Useful when you are offering subscription services to your clients. This can help in seamless interaction with your clients, as just with the help of a simple call they can either activate or deactivate their subscriptions with you. This is a great platform to build trust with your clients, and we at HSP are bound to serve you with our Missed Call Alert Services in India.
  • For Voting/Polls. This is useful mainly for TV shows and sometimes print media, where they want to gather responses at mass level. In Digital media, it can be used mostly for gathering crowd responses for Reality shows, and in print media it can be used to gather responses about a public scenario or an Issue.
  • For Client Interactions. Many businesses use this service for client interactions. Examples include Architects/Real Estate Developers sending back link to their work/designs to customers when they interact with them, or Software companies sending back links to their clients pointing to their websites/download pages/Mobile App stores.
  • Lead Generation. This is the ultimate use of investing in this service. Every time a visitor interacts with you, you can ask them to provide a Missed call on your virtual number and you end up maintaining a Database of potential customers.
To summarize, this marketing medium can help you boost your sales big time!!! It is very easy to use, and equally convenient to Implement and maintain. If you are looking to change your existing Provider or want to know how it can be implemented in your business, contact HSP and someone from our end would be happy to assist you.