Benefits of using International Bulk SMS for your marketing campaign


We are living in a world where reaching out to a potential market or business overseas is just a matter of few clicks, thanks to e-commerce websites. Good thing is, if you own a business dealing with international customers and want to reach out to them, it is very easy now via any international sms provider company. Your whole marketing campaign can revolve around bulk sms, owing to its huge conversion rates. At HSP, one of the best bulk sms company in Ahmedabad, we make sure we are adding values to any customer’s business and have designed our plans accordingly. That’s why we have come up with this article to help businesses decide the importance of International SMSs in marketing. Read along.
  • Low Cost: If we compare International SMS campaigns with any other marketing campaigns, like print or digital media ads, the cost is like ‘peanuts’. Small and medium sized organizations/business units can benefit most out of it, as there are often budget crunches, but this marketing medium allows them to go out there and reach their customers without burning a hole in their pockets.
  • Message customization and personalization: Based on client’s location/regional language/previous buying experience, you can personalize or customize your International SMS campaigns with ease.
  • Speed: Marketing campaigns are often event driven and leveraging on recent events in accordance to your business is a must. You need a medium to quickly decide and execute your plans, and Bulk SMSs provide you exactly that power in your hands. If you just came to know about a potential event in international markets which can affect positively on your business, why not let your clients know instantly using International SMS campaigns about an offer that they can avail? You need to invest in an international sms provider company which can cater to all your emergencies and deliver without wasting much time.
  • Allows Analysis: You can easily target your existing and potential clients just by a click!!! You can analyze based on the phone numbers which customers returned /joined after you sent out the message and, in that way, you can decide where to improve.
  • High Conversion rates:  Believe it or not, SMS marketing campaigns have the highest conversion rates, and this fact has been proved by researches too. Every 2 out of 3 SMSs are read by customers, which is quite high if we compare it with E-Mails which only has 20% success rate. That’s why you should contact HSP at the earliest, one of the bestbulk sms company in Ahmedabad to know more about it.
  • High ROI: As discussed earlier too, small and medium sized industries need to check on their marketing budgets quite often. If you ask any international sms provider company, they would also agree that Bulk International SMS marketing campaigns are very cheap if we take a sample size of reaching out to just 1000 customers, maybe few hundred or thousand rupees. But if we take the same sample and compare it with Newspapers and TV, the cost is huge with very less ROI.
To sum up, to reach out to International clients, you must invest in a Bulk SMS service provider, for which you should contact HSP, one of the leading and best bulk sms company in Ahmedabad.